Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday :)

Mothers day !

Tomorrow is it mothers day so , we have all been out today and buy gifts to my mother and my row boys have maybe found something to me.
we also meet my parents at the center to take a lovely lunch and coffee. So hopefully my boys have buy somthing to me ! Mikio a very good little boy to have with us , he just smiling all the time and looking around . I am so proud of my little boy and I am the world happiest girl in the world to have him and Simon in my life <3

We have also fix a little in the house today , so it is clean and get lots of thing we don't need out of the house. And eat home made pizza with a nice movie and kissing on mikio how was sitting in my arms .

But now it is good night everyone . I will try to write tomorrow again:)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Finely ;)

Finely are we all well again after many days with vomit , one all tree of us . I have to say that it's hard to be sick everyone together one the same time, also you have no power so you just laying all day. But we also was lucky that my mother did take Mikio with her home , so me and simon could rest. And I also hate to be this sick , but now we are all fine and ready for the lovely weekend how's start today with 21- and a lot lot of snow :) it's very could but it looks very nice.

Before we did get sick we was out side with Mikio playing in the snow , he loves that and always smiling and talking.

Yesterday was we going to the kiropraktor with our little boy , because his neck have not been okey . But now when we was there he sad everything had been better and nothing to worry about . That was very nice to hear ,! The rest of the day did we just stay in side and play with My lite angel . Of course daddy had to give him a test of lollipop When he come Home from work . And Mikio loved it , so happy :)

Hope everyone had a nice week :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sweden ;)

Now are we on our way back home from Sweden , after a long day with shopping . Mikio have been so good today , just been sitting in the shopping cart playing with all his toys, smiling and talking :) He is my angel and the best child ever , mummy is so proud of you Mikio <3

So I have buy a five gifts to Simon and some toys to Mikio and a five things to me. I also buy food and some things we need to the house. It's a little bit cheeper to buy thing in Sweden and we also use only 1 hour and 30 minutes.

So we had a lovely day with nice people and good lunch and lots of shopping . Now when we coming home will we make fish wrap and just relax in front of the Tv and play with Mikio <3

Hope you had a nice day ;)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We are Back !


Now it is long sense we have writhe in our blogg, i have not have time to go in her to write everyday. That is not god of me , i should really be in her and write every single day. So now i will try to start up again so i can update or family and friend about what we are doing.

Mikio is growing so fast now he is already 8 month  old , with much hair , 2 teeth and lots of energy to let out. Also he have learn to crawling around fast , so we need to watch all the time . He has now gone from a little baby to a little wonderful boy , he is the best little boy ever and we love him a lot .

So today we have first been on lunch with many nice woman's and a with very nice food. Then after that did we go on a centre, to see if we could find a new bed and wardrobe to her new room.
We also did go to Mikio's swimming  curse, we have been there every Wednesday 8 times now and to day was the last one . He really enjoying it a lot , smiling all the time and playing in the water with all the outer kids. So we will start on another cures next Wednesday , then we learn a lot of other things. This first cures we learn  a lot and baby's is really god do things when they still are so small. So we will keep going on it .

Now we are just home relaxing after a nice day , so we are just looking on TV all together and also cuddling a lot with Mikio and play on the floor. And to morrow we going to Sweden for shopping .

Hope everyone have had a nice day :)
Mikio with the lovely knit dress he get from auntie Shirley  :) 

Daddy on his birthday with Mikio how is 8 month the same day as daddy  getting older <3 

Love to hear music on daddy's headphones <3

Smiling <3  
Sad <3

He was very sick on this photos under water , but that was the only day we could take them . 
Mummy's little sweetheart <3
Have a nice Night everyone <3
Love from us xx 


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas in Norway (posted by Simon)

Yesssss!! I thought.... Finally I will have escaped from James Bond reruns, the Queens speech (actually Ive never seen that) and the Royale Family at Christmas. No bloody brussell sprouts, that Irish christmas song that goes something about cheap lousy faggot, Christmas Cake or whatever that cow pat is that you cover in brandy butter. Wohoo, lets bring on Christmas Norwegian style!

So insert the first and most confusing thing. Christmas being on the 24TH DECEMBER.... ahem, Christmas Eve is on the 23rd. No it isnt! Christmas Day is on the 24th... No it isnt!. Well in Norway it is. The only advantage I could see to this was being the first in line for the boxing day sales as Id be there a day early but even that didnt pan out for me.

Ah a minor speedbump. Come on, enough of that, lets talk about what we are eating for Christmas Dinner. :)

Rotten Fish?

Aha, we are lost in translation. You mean raw fish right? like Sushi style?

No, its rotten fish. It actually is. And nobody is shy to admit that. So all those friends of mine that have turned their noses up at the suggestion of Sushi, consider yourselves lucky now ...!

Grow me a beard, whack on a pair of NHS glasses, I'll even be Jim Royle if it means consuming something on the right side of the best before labels. How about Sylte Simon? ... Pigs head? What? Did I mention Im Vegan?

I am of course highlighting the things that could be a little off guard :) Im always open minded to trying new things, especially food and as it turns out the Christmas Dinner was exceedingly good with Ribs being a speciality along with potatoes, sauerkraut, port crackling and Christmas Sausages ( I didnt enquire). We had a lovely chocolate Mousse and toasted with a Norwegian spirit Aquavit. Its a little like Tequila, as it also triggers the hurl reflex and goes down like a shot of battery acid. 

But the Norwegians do love to celebrate Christmas and they have traditional games, celebrations that are a joy to be part of. Theres a game where theres a pot of rice pudding with a single almond hidden within and people eat in the hope of stumbling across it and winning a mystery prize present. You also have a game where the family sits around the table and throws a dice with a 1 or a 6 throw winning you a prize from a pool of 15 or 20. THEN, after all are allocated you play for a further 10 minutes where throwing a lucky 1 or 6 will enable you to STEAL a present from someone else. Er what? Get your hands off that thief. Right, Im going home....

So after recovering my christmas mojo we get a visit from Santa. 

wait, wheres Mikio? Oh he had to pop out for a minute. 

What do you mean Im on the naughty list?

Here the gag reflex moment is captured after my Aquavit pleasant experience

Present opening with the big guy...

I had guessed a large bottle of Whisky. It was a Yoga Mat, hurrah!

Micks enjoying laughs and smiles with MorMor (grandma)

Second visit from Santa. Wheres Emine? Oh she had to pop out...

So although the cultures are different, the weather is 20 degrees colder to the skin that Im used to, Christmas is celebrated in style in Norway with extra emphasis on family visits, goodwill and compassion and festive spirit. And Im for sure that Mikio will grow up to enjoy each and every one, especially when hes at the age when his presents (i.e. playstation games) can be shared by me, I mean all... I must say I found his Fisher Price piano to be of very limited playability due to its repetitive nature.

Finally a huge belated Happy Christmas to everyone and BEST REGARDS for the new year coming up! Lets make it a year we approach with an open heart, a compassionate mind and no regrets!

A relaxing Sunday :)

I hope everyone head a lovely Sunday !

Me and Mikio head a very lovely Sunday together, we have just been home and relax and had lots of cuddles  time together. Daddy have been on work to day so, so we just decided to be home all day and do nothing. This morning started with a nice wake up in the bed with Mikio and my sister Emine, we was just laying in bed talking and kissing on Mikio. That little boy is so good in the night he sleeps through the whole night and wake up around 10am in the morning . Still now when he start to get that tooth out also , no crying at all only a happy smiling little boy. 
When we get out of the bed today was it all ready warm down in the living room and clean, daddy had do all that before he started work. so we could just turn the Tv on and  eat breakfast.      

Mmmm, here Mikio is eating breakfast :) 

Daddy and Mikio play a little before work <3 
And when daddy had go for work did me and Emine fix her hair a little , when my lovely son was playing with his toys on the floor.
Emine waiting for her hair to be finish, she was not happy that i was putting this out here but she looks cut :)  

 After the hair did i clean up a little in the house. Because its nice to have it clean and not messy. Its so nice to do that when Mikio is sleeping because then i can do a lot and get all done. And its so good that he don't wake up when i make lots of noise. 

Sleeping beauty <3   

Today is it the 4 day in the advent as we call it in Norway. That is why we put those 4 read long light on , we putting one light on every Sunday before Christmas eve. Its like that we are counting down the days to the big day, so to day is all 4 of them burning that means that its Christmas eve next Saturday.   

When he did wake up again did he play with his friends again , and then we just looked on Tv together and and lots of cuddling. its an amazing feeling to hold your baby colse  to you and just kiss him and talk to him . He understand so much now , i think also he starts to say mamma (mammy). He is saying ma ma ma its so cute, he also saying other things we do not understand and laughing a lot. I am just totally in love with him , i can not explain  how happy i am to bring him in to the world. I am the Worlds happiest mother , could not ask for a better life then i have now with my to Boys <3  
Falls in sleep in mammy's arms <3

Love you so much Handsome <3  

And when daddy come home at 19.30pm was me and mikio in the bath . Mikio  is so happy when we are having a bath together, then daddy comes and dried him and put some clothes on him. He was so happy to see his daddy coming home, just smiled to him.  Then we all was sitting down together and Mikio is taking him down , he loves to take his glasses and play with them :) 

I am taking them of daddy , you looking better then! YEES, i took them of you daddy :) 

Now we are going to bed, have a lovely night everyone ! 
Good Night !  

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Saturday :)

Today have me and Mikio a visit in the morning of his great-grandfather , he was coming to see us and to borrow some skis for his Christmas holiday. Mikio head a nice talk and cuddles with him , he loves to come her to meat the little man. And Mikio is always so happy and smiling all the time, he almost never cry only if he is hungry or in pain! We have the best little boy ever, its really not strange that everyone how sees him falling in love.

                                          Here do you see Mikio's great-grandparents :)
                                      I forgot to take photos of them this morning , stupid of me !  

After a nice visit , was we going to the centre to buy some more Christmas gifts .  Just me, Mikio and my mother , simon was working today so he could not come . We head  a nice look around and did get a few gifts so that is good to get them finis. Because its not many days left to the Christmas eve, today it is 7 days left. We are looking so forward to this Christmas eve with ore lovely son , that will be interesting also to see if he like the gifts. He is probably a bit to small to understand Christmas this year , but next year he will enjoy it much i think. 

He is never a problem to have with us  :) 

A happy little man shopping gifts with his mother ! 

and then a tired little boy, in till....                             

we visits daddy on his work and for a little food shopping, so happy to see his daddy :) All the people in the shop also stomping us to say have cut he is and so happy ,he also sitting there and smiling to everyone.   

Then we did go home to my parents to say hallo to his auntie Emine and grandfather. And Mikio was also happy to play on the floor with his toys. 


Tow happy angels <3 

So finely we did go home to make dinner and lots of cuddling on a lovely Saturdays night . to day i did make homemade  pizza to me, simon and Emine . She also come home with us , because my parents is for a dinner party with some frinds of them . So i sad that she could sleep over in our house. so we have eat a lovely pizza and Mikio and Emine head a nice bathe after the dinner. 
He loves to have a bathe that is one of his best things to do , and always with someone with him in the bathe so he can play .  

After a lovely bathe are the tow angels clean and ready for cuddling in the sofa with a nice move on the TV . 

Then a little surprise for daddy when he watching football , coffee and chocolate !   

Have a lovely Saturday every one , now we are all going to sleep soon  :)
playing a littel before bed <3