Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday :)

Mothers day !

Tomorrow is it mothers day so , we have all been out today and buy gifts to my mother and my row boys have maybe found something to me.
we also meet my parents at the center to take a lovely lunch and coffee. So hopefully my boys have buy somthing to me ! Mikio a very good little boy to have with us , he just smiling all the time and looking around . I am so proud of my little boy and I am the world happiest girl in the world to have him and Simon in my life <3

We have also fix a little in the house today , so it is clean and get lots of thing we don't need out of the house. And eat home made pizza with a nice movie and kissing on mikio how was sitting in my arms .

But now it is good night everyone . I will try to write tomorrow again:)

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